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If your idea of the perfect pet is a toy-sized loyal friend with a playful nature, golden tan and steel blue shining coats, and small v-shaped, pointy ears, meet the Yorkshire Terrier. This charming pup has all the admirable attributes of larger dogs but in miniature. The typical Yorkie plays hard and has limitless energy. Yorkies get along well with other pets but they can be very possessive of their food and toys. They can be overwhelmed by small children. The Yorkshire makes a better pet for older and calmer children.
These rugged, toy-sized dogs grow to about 5–7 pounds and typically live to be about 12–14 years old. The Yorkshire will bark at strangers, often in a high pitched voice. Early socialization is required so that the dog doesn’t become to shrill and to ensure barking is controlled. Our Yorkshire puppies for sale are raised in a loving family environment which makes for a smooth transition for the new owners.


Yorkshire Terriers have a small head, and their muzzle is medium in length. The ears are v-shaped, set high, and carried erect. The body is compact with a level back.
The Yorkshire terrier’s most notable feature is its coat, which is long, fine and straight. The hair is a steel blue color on the body and tail, and elsewhere it is tan. The tail is usually docked to half its natural length. Long hair on the top of the head is another characteristic feature of Yorkshire Terriers and it’s often tied up with a ribbon, giving the dog a jaunty appearance.


The Yorkshire terrier’s small size belies its true personality, which is energetic, feisty — and domineering. Yorkies are affectionate, but they also want lots of attention; the breed is a good choice for someone who wants to dote on a dog.
Yorkshire terriers make excellent watchdogs. But they can be snappy toward other children if not treated respectfully or gently. Some might also be aggressive toward other small animals, but most Yorkies live quite peacefully with other dogs and even cats. All our Yorkshire Puppies for Sale are raised in a family environment to ensure early socialization.
Yorkshire terriers can be barkers, but it is possible to train them not to bark excessively. Some can also be stubborn about house training.

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Because they are so small, Yorkshire terriers do not need a lot of room to exercise. They also can be paper trained; consequently, they make great apartment dogs, but they also enjoy walks outdoors.


Due to the delicacy of their limbs, and they’re known for being prone to knee issues–a nasty sounding condition called luxating patellas (slipped-out knee caps), you should be careful not to let your Yorkie jump from high places, especially as a puppy while bones are still developing.
Their eyes are also somewhat prone, some Yorkies can have retinas which gradually deteriorate which can lead to them losing their sight. Responsible breeders will tell you all about the medical history of a puppy’s parents and grandparents, and may even have screened specifically for some of the more common issues this breed can face. Broadly speaking, Yorkies are a fairly healthy breed, but many pet parents opt for pet health insurance just in case.


The signature Yorkie coat requires regular grooming to keep it clean, healthy, and tangle-free. With fur very similar to human hair, they need daily brushing and a bath every week or two (including conditioner). The hair on the top of their head should be trimmed or pulled up to avoid eye irritation. Some Yorkie owners find professional grooming worthwhile to keep their dogs in optimum shape. Like all dogs, Yorkies need regular nail trimming, and to have their teeth brushed for dental health.


“A dog decides once for the rest of his life. He doesn’t ask himself if he really wants to grow old with us. He just does. His love, once we have earned it, is absolute.”

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